Discover Batz-sur-Mer

The village of Batz-sur-Mer

Voted 6th favourite village of the French in 2019, Batz-sur-Mer will remain in your memory! Less well known than its neighbouring towns, this village of 3,000 inhabitants will make you fall in love with its gentle way of life and the welcoming nature of the locals. 

In its heart, discover our campsite Les Paludiers where you can stay in a quiet, family and friendly environment. During your stay, there are many places to visit. Batz-sur-Mer is ideally situated between the bay of La Baule, Le Pouliguen and Le Croisic, making it easy to get around by bike. And what could be better than to take advantage of the natural assets of this seaside destination by going to the beach of La Govelle, ideal for surfing, or to the sandy beach of Valentin, only 2 minutes’ walk from the campsite…

Are you more land than sea? Follow the coastal path and diversify your walks by taking the GR34 hiking trail. The CĂ´te sauvage will make you see all the colours.

What to see in Batz-sur-Mer

On your way to Batz-sur-Mer, don’t miss the many salt marshes on either side of the road… By bike, on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage, discover the richness of this unique salt culture. At dusk, immortalise the moment when the sun’s shadow disappears in the carnations or on the horizon of Valentin beach.

Learn about the local culture by immersing yourself in the life of a salt worker in the typical village of Kervalet or in the museum of the Grand Blockhaus, a former military shelter during the Second World War.

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Things to do in Batz-sur-Mer

Take a stroll through the town of Batz-sur-Mer and admire the Chapelle du Mûrier (Mulberry tree chapel) which stands before you. Nearby, you can take in the view from the panoramic viewpoint of the Saint-Guénolé tower and see the end of Saint-Guénolé. Go to the traditional Biscuiterie Saint-Guénolé where you will smell the delicately heated salted butter even before you get there. To quench your thirst, take a trip to the Brasserie Baca, right next to the salt marshes, and discover the different aromas of the local heritage.

Discover the surroundings of Batz-sur-Mer

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