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Campsite near Brière Regional Nature Park

What to see at the Parc naturel régional de Brière

Book your cabin on stilts or mobile home at our campsite in Loire-Atlantique, to visit the second largest park in France . World-famous for its wetlands wetlands, this park offers numerous walks in this market garden landscape . On foot, by bike or by barge (the local name for flat-bottomed boats), you’ll take a trip out of time. timeless journey through thatched cottage villages villages, and discover unspoilt nature , l’ one of the most biologically rich in Europe .

Take a stroll along one of the itineraries in the Parc de Brière, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself a moment of escape with your family as a couple or with friends.

Things to do in the Parc naturel régional de Brière

Take a break at the Pierre Constant reserve to observe the marsh birds . The Grande Brière marshes are home to many species of birds. Depending on the season, the sky displays a range of colors.

Are you an ornithology enthusiast or simply curious? Come aboard a barge and observe the Whiskered Tit or Marsh Harrier. Take advantage of a camping holiday near the Parc de Brière aux Paludiers to treat yourself to a truly original getaway.

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Campsite 40 km from the Brière Regional Nature Park

Book your mobile home, lodge cabin or Funflower, exclusive to the Flower chain, for a camping holiday near the Brière Regional Nature Park. Include in your stay a boat trip where you can take photos of the golden reed beds golden reed beds where birds nest .

Don’t miss out on this experience with your family, cut off from the world and accompanied by a guide or on your own boat. For further information, please contact the reception desk at our campsite near the Brière Regional Nature Park. Our team will be happy to with information on the best regional walks in the surrounding area. A change of scenery in marshland country guaranteed!