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Campsite near Le Pouliguen

What to see in Le Pouliguen

In the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, discover Le Pouliguen. Famous for its wild coastline the town boasts a number of impressive sites such as the customs path or its numerous caves . The trail runs along the edge edge of the cliff to offer a majestic a majestic spectacle that changes with the tides. . Choose a hike hiking or bike ride, enjoy the sea breeze and soothing ambience of the site, and end your adventure with a view of an exceptional panorama .

Discover the Grotte des Jumelles on the edge of the Baie du Sphinx and its pink and pale green alloys. The most famous in Loire-Atlantique is the grotte des Korrigans recently opened up by a side slit to facilitate access. Legend has it that the Korrigans, small fantastical beings, used to gather in the cave to plot against mankind. They kept many treasures inside, and even built an underground passage all the way to Guérande. A story that made the place famous and charming.

Things to do in Le Pouliguen

At the Nau beach the pleasures of the beach are waiting for you. Enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace of one of the countless cafés lining the beach while the little ones enjoy a supervised supervised swimming . At low tide, you can enjoy a spot of fishing on foot a fun family activity.

For a successful vacation in the Loire-Atlantique region, choose a campsite near Le Pouliguen, for a change of scenery for family getaways . The Promenade, as its name suggests, is a place where you can stroll and relax, taking advantage of a privileged location to contemplate the hustle and bustle of the city. boats in the harbor and enjoy a unique moment at the edge of the jetty to watch the spectacle that the bay of Le Pouliguen on the Côte d’Amour.

The port of Le Pouliguen in the Pays de la Loire region is also a popular spot for holidaymakers, with its picturesque fishing boats that come and go with the tides. The Chaloupe Sardinière, a reconstruction of an authentic authentic period longboat is moored in the port and offers one-and-a-half-hour hour-and-a-half excursions around the bay. .

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Campsite near Pouliguen

Are you looking for a 4-star campsite in Le Pouliguen ? Flower Camping Les Paludiers is 6km away. Ideally located just 100m from the beach, it also boasts a heated indoor swimming pool. You can enjoy the comfort of our campsite near Le Pouliguen and explore the wild coastline by bike or on foot. Book your mobile home, lodge cabin, canvas bungalow or pitch here.

Just 11 minutes from the campsite, Le Pouliguen offers all the activities you need for a successful stay. Strolling, swimming and partying, there’s something for everyone in this Loire-Atlantique town.